10-Minute Speech!

Teach your child to

speak with clarity 

in just

10 minutes a day!


Speech and language videos and materials– articulation, grammar, vocabulary.

A great resource for parents, SLPs and teachers.

Speech-Language Tips

These videos will teach you each step of how to work with your child, as well as other practical information about speech and language.

Speech and Language Resources

All the practice materials you need — right on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Would you like to access the pdf versions of the documents in our YouTube videos?  Just sign up for the Materials Library below!  It’s affordable and comprehensive, and contains even more materials than you will see on Youtube.

Start helping your child today!

Just 10 minutes a day can make a difference in your child’s speech and language.

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Tons of digital practice materials for speech and language!  You’ll never have to scramble to find something that fits your student’s goals again!

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You can check out many of these materials on your YouTube channel videos.  For access to the PDF versions, the Materials Library is the way to go.

Included are many materials for Speech Sounds, Phoneme Awareness, Phonological Processes, Language Processing, Grammar, Memory & Executive Functioning, Expanding Language, Fluency (Stuttering), Vocabulary, Reading & Spelling, Literacy & Comprehension, & Social Language.


Watch and Listen To Learn

Speed up your child’s speech therapy by learning techniques to help them at home.  Check out our YouTube channel below.