Language Processing Materials


Increase vocabulary by labeling actions and objects.

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Antonyms & Synonyms

What is the opposite of ‘up’?   What word means the same thing as ‘happy’?  “Antonymns are Opposite!  Synonyms are the Same!”

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How are things related? Petal is to flower as fur is to…?

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Describe the functions of objects.  What is this a picture of, and what does it do?  Or what do we do with it?

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Similarities & Differences

Name two ways these objects are alike.  Name two ways they are different.

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What group does this item belong to?  Name some items in a certain category.

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Multiple Meaning Words

How many different things can the word ‘trunk’ mean?

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Basic Concepts

Learn how to understand words of location or time, such as: before, after, while, on, off, out, in, behind, in front, next to, left, right, first, last, etc.

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What does the phrase “It’s raining cats and dogs!” mean?  What are some other funny ways to say things?

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Speed up your child’s speech therapy by learning techniques to help them at home.  Our online courses are easy and comprehensive.

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