Speech-Language Resources

 New materials added all the time! Choose from an assortment of videos, pdfs, and audio files to help you and your child practice each day.  Practice on the go by logging in to this library and viewing materials on your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop.  Articulation, Fluency (stuttering), Language Vocab and Grammar are just some of the topics covered.  

Speech Sounds

Practice each sound with materials at each level of difficulty:  syllables, words, phrases, sentences, reading and conversation.

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Using correct word and sentence structure is essential for your child to be understood by others.  Learn the basics of grammar:  verb tense, pronouns, complete sentences and more.

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Expanding Language

Is your child behind on language development?  Are they not talking as much as other kids their age?  Learn how to expand their language production through modeling and practice.  You can make it fun!

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Phonological Awareness

Learning which sounds correspond with each letter of the alphabet, understanding how they are put together to form words, identifying words that rhyme — these are all phonological awareness skills that are important for speech and reading.

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Language Processing

Strengthen your child’s ability to understand and communicate using language concepts.  Practice skills of language categorizing and grouping that can help your child in school and at home.

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Memory and Executive Functioning

To function at home, work or school, memory and planning skills are crucial.  Develop strategies to help your child follow multiple-step directions and learn and recall important information.

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Fluency (Stuttering)

Many preschoolers stutter occasionally, especially when nervous or excited.  Some outgrow this and others do not.  Learn the strategies for fluent speech and practice them with your child, so that they can feel confident and understood by others.

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Can you child name most of the objects and actions in your environment?  Does your child understand what you are talking about?  Can she point to what you name?  Help your child keep up with her peers and learn the vocabulary appropriate for her age.

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