This is a video story to help children practice speech sounds and language. It is a great resource for speech students working on the following sounds:
• VOCALIC R, especially OR
• Z
For articulation practice, have your child or student read the story to practice the sounds in reading. Or, to practice the sounds in conversation, read the story to them first and let them retell it to you.
For language practice, ask the child to retell the story to you, using as many story elements as possible:
• CHARACTER – who?
• SETTING – where, when?
• PROBLEM – what’s wrong?
• FEELINGS – how do they feel?
• PLANS – what do they decide to do?
• ACTIONS – what do they really do?
• SOLUTIONS — how is the problem fixed?
• ENDING – how does it end?
Ask them questions about details of the story. Point out pronouns and ask them to switch proper nouns to pronouns. As they retell the story, check for proper past tense verb usage. To practice inferences, stop the story at key points and ask the child what might happen next. As them what a character might be feeling or what they might do.
This story is included as a downloadable pdf in the online course:
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Have fun!