Speech Courses

Improve your child’s speech in just 10 minutes a day!

Small Course Bundles

L & Initial R Courses

Courses for two of the most common speech errors included in this bundle!



S & Z Courses

Correct that lisp now!                                                 



TH Course

TH errors can be hard to fix if left too long.                                                                                                 



P & B Courses

See what our courses are like with these freebies.   



Large Course Packages

Vocalic R Courses

Vocalic R errors can make your child hard to understand. There are lots of different Vocalic R sounds.



Common Sounds Courses

Save $ by purchasing this package, which includes the sounds children most often mispronounce.         



All Major Sounds Courses

All the courses in one package!  A great deal!



Free Practice Resources!   Use our convenient materials library to find digital resources for Speech and Language ready to go.

Materials Library

All the materials you need to practice speech & language skills!

Speed up your child’s speech therapy by learning techniques to help them at home.

Our online courses are easy and comprehensive.


See what they’re like by downloading a free course HERE.  

(Does not include the foundational ‘Teach Your Child Speech Sounds Course.)

“These courses are chock-full of valuable information and techniques for helping children improve not only their pronunciation, but also their conversation, and even self-confidence!

Cee B.

“The courses are detailed and taught in a “down-to earth” way that is easy to apply to everyday life. I was able to visualize how to demonstrate the techniques to my son just by reading through the instructions.”

Melissa M.

“My son especially liked the design of the website and the flash cards, which made it more ‘fun’ compared to the other methods we have tried. We also appreciated that the content was appropriate for any age- from young children up to teenagers.

Christy B.