Does your child struggle With ‘Vocalic R’?

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Save money with this bundle!  There are 2 types of ‘R’:  ‘Initial R’, which comes before a vowel, and ‘Vocalic R’, which comes after a vowel. The Vocalic R sounds are some of the hardest to teach and learn, and can persist well into adulthood if left untreated. These errors can cause social anxiety as well as communication difficulties. There are different types of ‘Vocalic R’ and this package will teach you about all of them.  The 9 courses included in this package are: Teach Your Child to Produce Speech Sounds, Intro to Vocalic R, OUR, OR, ER, EAR, AR, AIR, IRE & ERL. All courses include videos and documents that will walk you through every step of teaching and practicing these sounds with your child.Start now and improve your child’s speech!

This package includes these courses:

  • Teach Your Child How To Produce Speech Sounds
  • Intro to Vocalic R
  • ER
  • AR
  • AIR
  • EAR
  • OR
  • OUR
  • IRE / ERL

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‘Vocalic R‘ Sounds Package

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